Nova Scotia First - 2013 Liberal PlatformThe Nova Scotia Liberal Platform is a fully costed and detailed plan to help Nova Scotia meet its full potential. It is the result of hundreds of conversations with Nova Scotians over the past several years—and reflects our belief that a new government has to place the interests of Nova Scotians as the fundamental starting point of every decision in government.

The Liberal plan will:

  • Put the needs of patients first through investments in front-line health care services and targeted reductions in wait times for essential surgical procedures
  • Re-invest the $65 million cut from our school system by the NDP so that students, families, and educators get the support they need to excel in a rapidly changing world
  • Focus government resources on small businesses so that jobs are created within communities and our workers have real opportunities right here at home
  • Break the Nova Scotia Power monopoly and offer real consumer choice to every Nova Scotian with a long-term view for reform in our energy market, and short term relief by reducing the NDP imposed efficient tax on power bills

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