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Liberal Candidate for Hants West

Brian Casey

Get to Know Our Candidate

Brian has been a leader in the agricultural industry for the past 40 years. Born and raised in Hants County, Brian has farmed since 1977 and currently raises and shows Clydesdale horses at his family’s farm, Caseydale Farms in Centre Burlington. Brian’s work ethic, understanding of our agricultural sector, and dedication to his community make him the advocate the people of Hants West deserve.

Brian has held leadership positions with numerous volunteer organizations in the community. He is passionate about supporting small business, agriculture, and tourism. Brian is also dedicated to making life better and more affordable for his community. 

As a board member for the Hants Shore Community Health Centre, Brian has heard first-hand many of the challenges that residents of Hants West are facing when it comes to healthcare. Declining capacity at the Hants Community Hospital continues to hinder access to care for community members.

Given Brian’s breadth of experience in the agriculture sector, he has witnessed how the Houston government has neglected the industry since 2021. Whether it’s undervaluing the farm wine sector, leaving commodity groups out of funding, or failing to negotiate a better deal that would have prevented the carbon tax, it’s clear farmers are an afterthought for this government. Brian would make this sector a priority. 

Brian believes it requires the right person at the helm to bring together citizens, community groups, businesses and other stakeholders to tackle the big issues, like the growing housing crisis. Brian is committed to being the problem-solver the community needs. 

Brian lives in Centre Burlington with his wife, Janice. Brian is a proud father and grandfather who loves spending his spare time with family. 

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