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Liberal Candidate for Halifax Chebucto

Gerard Bray


Get to Know Our Candidate

Gerard has spent his entire life in Halifax Chebucto. He grew up in our schools, from St. Catherine’s Elementary to Oxford School and the former St. Patrick’s High School. His combined love for Nova Scotia, sports and education lead him to completing his Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) from Dalhousie University, a Bachelor of Education from Acadia University and a Master of Education from St. Francis Xavier University.

Gerard is dedicated to making life better, healthier and more affordable for the people of Halifax Chebucto. He is a beloved teacher and coach of many school-based sports and clubs, and also volunteers his time to lead the Halifax Hawks. Gerard is a strong advocate for increasing physical activity and preventative health opportunities across Nova Scotia.

One of Gerard's most meaningful accomplishments is facilitating the skate drive program at the Halifax Oval, bringing hundreds of pairs of skates to the Halifax Commons, many of which are still being used each winter. Gerard's motivation for this initiative was to eliminate barriers for Nova Scotians wanting to experience a fun way to enjoy outdoor physical activity in the winter, promoting a more affordable and healthy community.

By interacting with children and families every day, Gerard has witnessed first-hand some of the greatest challenges families are facing when it comes to affordability. His understanding of these challenges make him an informed advocate and a motivated proponent for change.

For the past 10 years, Gerard has been a member of the Halifax Chebucto Liberal Electoral District Association, most recently holding the position of President. Since 2012, Gerard has been teaching for the Halifax Regional Centre for Education and teaches down the street from his home, where he lives with his wife Christine, as they raise their young family right here in Halifax Chebucto.

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