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Cost of Living a Barrier to Many Nova Scotians’ Reproductive Health

March 11, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

The Reproductive Options and Services (ROSE) Clinic has provided free IUDs to those in need, but with donations running out, the clinic staff fear they won’t be able to continue the service for much longer. Health and Wellness critic Kelly Regan is calling on the Houston government to fund these devices for people accessing the services of the ROSE clinic.


A hormonal IUD can cost up to $500, which is out of reach for many Nova Scotians. The federal government recently announced its new pharmacare plan will cover contraception, but until the federal coverage is in place, many Nova Scotians will be unable to cover the cost of contraception for themselves.


“When it comes to reproductive health, people have the right to make their own choices – especially regarding contraception. But the reality is that for many Nova Scotians, the lack of financial resources is a barrier to that right,” said Regan. “Unplanned pregnancy can be hard enough on a person, especially those in vulnerable circumstances. By continuing the funding of contraceptives provided by the ROSE clinic, the government could help prevent a difficult situation from recurring.”


Regan tabled a bill in November 2021 that would provide coverage to Nova Scotians living on lower incomes, as well as youth and those in difficult situations who cannot provide proof of income.

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