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Emergency Care in Annapolis in Dire Straits

February 20, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

Annapolis MLA Carman Kerr is once again raising the alarm over the dire state of emergency care in his riding.


Since this government has closed the emergency department at Annapolis Community Health Centre and blocked ambulances from entering the emergency room at Soldiers Memorial Hospital in Middleton, ambulances are often dispatched to other areas of the province, resulting in patients waiting hours for paramedics to arrive at the scene of emergencies. This past week, a tragic car accident in Litchfield was a bleak reminder of the lack of emergency services in the region as patients waited over two hours for an ambulance to arrive.


“Often, there is no emergency room open or ambulance available in Annapolis County. Without an emergency room open and a scarcity of ambulances in our communities, residents in Annapolis live in fear that our healthcare system cannot support them,” said MLA Kerr. “Too often, we hear of tragic situations where people are left waiting for hours for emergency care. The Houston government promised Nova Scotians that they would fix healthcare, but instead they have stripped our communities of critical medical care. It is completely unacceptable.”


With a shortage of ambulances in the region, volunteer fire departments are often first on the scene of emergencies without the resources or training to respond to critical cases. Deputy Chief of the Annapolis Royal Volunteer Fire Department Alex Cranton says this situation has worsened in recent months, placing a tremendous amount of stress on volunteer fire crews across the province.


“Our crews are doing the very best we can to respond to emergencies, but we are placed in impossible situations as we work in areas that don’t have sufficient ambulance services. Calls are getting longer and longer, and outcomes for patients are rapidly deteriorating,” said Deputy Cranton. “The premier has to acknowledge that this is a crisis, and to date, we haven’t seen an adequate plan to fix this situation.”

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