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Liberals Call for Financial Aid for Flood Victims

July 25, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

Four days after historic floods in the province, the Nova Scotia Liberals are calling on the Houston government to rollout financial supports for people and businesses impacted.

Many Nova Scotians were looking to the government to host a public press conference yesterday to discuss next steps or the potential of support, but the Houston government went another day without providing financial relief to Nova Scotians.


“We don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Earlier this summer, government support was given to those impacted by fires and the same should be done quickly for those Nova Scotians who are dealing with devastating floods,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “With climate change, these natural disasters are becoming more common. Nova Scotians impacted by the floods deserve reliable and prompt communication and the Houston government needs to make sure they are able to deliver."

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