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Liberal Bill Would Provide Free Daycare for Childcare Workers

November 7, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

To help combat the massive labour shortage in Nova Scotia’s childcare industry, the Liberals tabled a bill today, November 7, to introduce a recruitment and retention incentive for childcare workers that would provide free daycare for all early childhood educators.


Last year, the Houston government failed to meet their own target of creating 1,500 new childcare spaces, instead only creating 400. Since coming into power, only 28 net new childcare spaces have been created – a problem the Houston government blames on the industry’s labour shortage.


“The Houston government’s failure to address the labour shortage of early childhood educators has wreaked havoc on many working families across the province who are unable to find childcare,” said Timberlea-Prospect MLA Iain Rankin. “Early childhood educators often have young children of their own. Providing this incentive will help the province get back on track to provide $10-a-day childcare for Nova Scotians by increasing recruitment and retention.”


Under Rankin’s leadership, the former Liberal government signed a deal with Ottawa to bring $10- a-day childcare to Nova Scotia by 2026. With the Houston government at the helm, Nova Scotia is behind all other Atlantic provinces in delivering affordable childcare.

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