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Liberal Bills to Provide Clean Heating Options and Electrify Transportation

October 20, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

Liberal Environment and Climate Change shadow minister Iain Rankin will introduce legislation today to support Nova Scotians with more clean and affordable heating options and encourage electrifying transportation.


The Affordable Heat Act would require all funds from the province’s output-based pricing system to go out towards making clean heat options more accessible and affordable for Nova Scotians. After the Houston government slashed the Heating Assistance Rebate Program by $400, Nova Scotians need financial aid for heating more than ever.


The Electrification of Transportation Act would ensure that by 2030, at least 50 per cent of the vehicles owned by the government hybrid or electric vehicles, as well as all school buses in Nova Scotia. The bill would also build an adequate charging network for more Nova Scotians to make the transition to electric vehicles.


“There is a clear need, during the dual crises of affordability and the climate emergency to reduce energy demand with up-front grants for working families and to make the renewable energy coming online more accessible to all Nova Scotians,” said Rankin. “Nova Scotians want a greener province, and the government has the tools they need to help people make the transition affordably – they just need to utilize them.”

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