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Houston Conservatives Leave Nova Scotians in the Cold

January 17, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

Despite staggering increases in rent, mortgage, groceries, power and overall inflation, the Houston Conservatives choose to leave Nova Scotians in the cold.


The annual Home Energy Assistance Top-up (HEAT) fund launched this week with reduced eligibility for 2024. During the pandemic, our former Liberal government increased the eligibility of the program to allow Nova Scotians to apply for the HEAT fund every year. The Houston Conservatives have reversed that decision and households are now only eligible for the fund every two years.


“Power rates have climbed 14 per cent in the past two years, and instead of providing relief to Nova Scotians, the Houston Conservates are cutting home heating programs,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “This government’s actions continue to prove how out of touch they are with the struggles Nova Scotians are facing right now.”


Reducing eligibility for the HEAT Fund is one of several cuts the Houston Conservatives have made that further disadvantage Nova Scotians who need support the most. Since forming government, they have also frozen income assistance and cut the rent supplement and Heating Assistance Rebate programs.


“After the Heating Assistance Rebate Program was cut by $400 this year, more people will need help with home heating costs,” said Service Nova Scotia Shadow Minister Ben Jessome. “Nova Scotians should not be faced with having to choose between keeping warm and paying for other necessities. Without this support, more people will have to make that choice.”

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