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Houston Government Interference Jeopardizing Desmond Inquiry

July 11, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

With media reports surfacing that the Houston government was informed the comprehensive Desmond Inquiry would be wrapped up next month, the Premier needs to explain why he and his Attorney General interfered in the final weeks of this massive undertaking.

With over 10,000 pages of transcript and more than 120,000 pages of documents produced by the hearings, it should have been clear to the Houston government that Judge Zimmer must receive whatever resources he needed to complete this important work.

“The actions of this government contradict their own words of less than a year ago that maintaining consistent jurisdiction over this inquiry is important to the public”, said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “There are many questions and concerns now being raised about how this matter has been handled and whether or not this entire process in now in jeopardy because of the interference of this Minister and this government.”

In a media release last September, Attorney General Brad Johns said he was “pleased that Judge Zimmer will remain to conclude this sensitive and high-profile Desmond Fatality Inquiry”, and that “the public has a strong interest in maintaining consistent jurisdiction over this issue.”


“The Attorney General needs to explain why he is doing this about face and explain if it was his or the Premier’s decision to pull Judge Zimmer from this important work at the 11th hour, which is now further impacting the family and the people of the province,” added Churchill.

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