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Liberal Bills Combat Ongoing Housing Crisis

March 5, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

Housing critic Braedon Clark will table two bills in the legislature today to tackle the
ongoing housing crisis in Nova Scotia.

“Nova Scotia is leading the country in all the worst ways. Rents are skyrocketing across
the province and not enough homes are being built,” said Clark. “After the government cut
funding to the Department of Housing in last week’s budget, it’s clear that the file isn’t a
priority for the Houston government."

The Rent Regulation Act would continue the provincial rent cap until the vacancy rate
meets or exceeds four per cent. It would also mandate the Utility and Review Board to
review the rent cap annually with a specific eye to housing affordability, cost of living, and
market conditions.

As recommended by the Affordable Housing Commission, the Liberals will table a bill to
establish an arms-length housing authority to spur housing development, improve the
quality of housing, and keep prices affordable.

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