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Liberal Bills Would Support the Most Financially Vulnerable Nova Scotians

February 28, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

Nova Scotia has seen some of the highest rates of inflation, while being one of the highest taxed jurisdictions in the country. Today’s bills from the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus will make life more affordable for the most financially vulnerable Nova Scotians.


“When Nova Scotians are facing some of the highest cost of living increases in the country, the Houston government’s response is to cut critical social assistance programs and freeze income assistance for two years in a row,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “Support is needed now more than ever and our bills today will ensure people across the province will get the aid they need, and that they deserve.”


Leader Zach Churchill will re-introduce amendments to the Employment Support and Income Assistance Act to index income assistance rates to inflation. After freezing income assistance for two years, more low-income Nova Scotians have struggled under the weight of increased costs.


Community Services critic Derek Mombourquette will table the Social Safety Net Security Act, a bill proposing that the Houston government index provincial social assistance programs to inflation. With more Nova Scotians falling through the cracks, indexing social supports like the Caregiver Benefit and Heating Assistance Rebate Program could put more money in the pockets of those struggling to make ends meet.

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