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Liberal Ideas Boost Spring Budget 

February 29, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

Several Liberal policies have been adopted by the province with Budget 2024-25, but Opposition Leader Zach Churchill says his team will keep pushing for broad tax relief.  

“We’re thrilled the Premier and his finance minister have finally acted on our ideas to end bracket creep and introduce a school lunch program,” said Churchill. “These changes will leave more money in the pockets of Nova Scotians, but we’re still paying the highest sales tax in the country.” 

The Liberals have been advocating to reduce the HST by two points, bringing sales tax in Nova Scotia to 13 per cent – the lowest in Atlantic Canada.  

“We have the money to cut the HST – the Premier collected nearly a billion more in taxes than expected last year,” said Churchill. “This change would save Nova Scotians money nearly every time they have to spend, and it will also make our province more attractive for business and people in important sectors, like healthcare and labour,”  


Budget 2024-25 also included two other Liberal policies: covering continuous glucose monitors for diabetics and expanding cell coverage.  

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