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Nova Scotia Liberals Conclude House Session After Tabling 37 Bills, a Commitment from Government to Advance Policies

November 10, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

Nova Scotia Liberal MLAs finished the fall session of the Legislature strong after tabling 37 bills
focused on healthcare, housing and affordability, and passing a resolution that commits the
government to consult and study expanded job-protected leave for Nova Scotians facing serious

“I’m really proud of the work of our MLAs this session, including the vast range of legislation in the
37 bills we tabled,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “Our opposition strategy resulted in a
commitment from the government to study expanding job-protected leave for Nova Scotians facing
serious illness, like cancer, from three days to up to 26 weeks. This change would impact
thousands of Nova Scotians and their families.”

Liberals also pressured the government to release its long-overdue housing needs assessment
and provincial housing strategy. The scrutiny of the government’s housing strategy was a focal
point of the Legislative session.

Political pressure from the Official Opposition also led to the government introducing incentives for
backyard suites, dedicated legislation to support Acadian and francophone students, and
announcing a program to expand cell coverage in the province – all of which were policies that
were tabled by Liberals.

To address affordability issues facing Nova Scotians across the province, Liberals tabled bills
that would index income assistance to inflation, increase the Home Assistance Rebate Program
payments, remove childcare fees for ECEs, reduce power rates, cut taxes and introduce a
school lunch program for students.

To help combat the housing crisis in Nova Scotia, Liberals tabled bills to create municipal
housing targets, increase rent supplements and enact a residential tenancies enforcement unit.


On healthcare, Liberals tabled bills to enhance breast cancer screening, provide at-home
HPV testing, require naloxone kits in schools and enact to proclaim June 19th as Sickle Cell
Day in Nova Scotia. The bill for Sickle Cell Day, tabled by Cole Harbour MLA Tony Ince,
received unanimous consent from the House and will become law.

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