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Liberals to Focus on Affordability in Spring Session

February 26, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

In advance of the 2024 spring legislative session, the Nova Scotia Liberal Caucus presented its plan to make life more affordable in Nova Scotia.


“Nova Scotia has gone from being one of the most affordable places to live to the least affordable,” said Leader of the Official Opposition, Zach Churchill. “After a year of record inflation, the highest rental increases in the country, and another staggering increase to power bills, Nova Scotians need relief.”


The Liberal Caucus is vowing to make life more affordable for working class Nova Scotians by reducing the HST by two points, cutting income tax by ending bracket creep, indexing social programs to inflation, reversing harmful cuts to support programs and re-introducing legislation to introduce a universal school lunch program for the fourth time.


“One in three food bank users in our province are children and youth under 18. That is unacceptable,” said Churchill. “It’s shameful the Houston government will not commit to putting healthy food in our schools for our children. Other provinces have tackled this issue, and it’s past time for Nova Scotia to follow suit.”


In addition to introducing new legislation to provide relief to working class families, the Liberals will table bills to protect Nova Scotians from emergencies, invest in preventative health and support Nova Scotia’s traditional sectors.

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