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Liberal Bills Would Lower Taxes, Raise Income Assistance Rates

October 13, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

“It has never been more expensive to live in Nova Scotia than it is now under Tim Houston,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “At a time when so many people are struggling with the rising cost of groceries, power rates, and gas, the Houston government cannot sit idle while they benefit from an extra $2 billion in revenue. That’s why our Liberal caucus is reintroducing two bills that the Houston government could immediately act on today to help Nova Scotians.”


An amendment to the Income Tax Act would index income tax brackets to inflation to keep more money in people’s pockets. Nova Scotia is home to some of the highest tax rates in the country. When so many are struggling, the Houston government can’t afford not to take this important step during a cost-of-living crisis.


An amendment to the Income Assistance Act would index income assistance rates to inflation, providing more support to the most vulnerable Nova Scotians. While Nova Scotia leads the country with the highest inflation, the Houston government has frozen income assistance rates for two years in a row.

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