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Churchill Liberals Would Lower HST by 2%

February 9, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

In an announcement at the Nova Scotia Liberal Party AGM, Leader Zach Churchill committed to lowering the HST from 15 per cent to 13 per cent – the lowest sales tax in Atlantic Canada.


At a time when Nova Scotians are struggling to make ends meet, the Houston Conservatives have benefited from inflation and have received $3.4 billion in additional taxes and revenues. Cutting the HST by 2 per cent would save Nova Scotians roughly $650 each year, leaving more money in their pockets to spend on necessities like household items, phone bills, auto repairs, and school supplies.


“With some of the highest taxes and rental increases in the country, it has never been more expensive to be a Nova Scotian,” said Liberal Leader Zach Churchill. “Now more than ever, our province needs a new economic vision focused on affordability and that starts with making sure people are taxed fairly in our province.”


It’s estimated that lowering the HST would cost $500 million per year – a fraction of what the Houston Conservatives have spent in taxpayer dollars outside of the budget process this year. This policy builds on the Liberals’ commitment to lower taxes for all Nova Scotians by indexing income tax brackets to inflation. Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada that has yet to address this punitive measurement.


“We can afford to invest in these policies and Nova Scotians can’t afford for us not to,” said Churchill. “Unlike the NDP who have raised taxes and Tim Houston who has shown he isn’t willing to provide broad support, our party cares about making life affordable for Nova Scotians. Cutting the HST is just the beginning.”

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