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Nova Scotia Liberals are fighting to put more money back in your pocket

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More Nova Scotians are falling behind than ever before. 


Nova Scotia has seen the highest inflation in Canada, rental prices in Halifax are climbing faster than any city in the country, and power rates have increased by 14% in just two years. It has never been more expensive to be a Nova Scotian than under the Houston Conservatives


At the same time, Tim Houston is collecting billions more than expected in taxes and inflation. Nova Scotians deserve relief


That’s why a Liberal government would reduce the HST by 2% -- from 15% to 13%. The lowest in Atlantic Canada. It’s time to leave more money in your pocket. 


Nova Scotia is the only province in the country that doesn’t index income tax to inflation – meaning you're paying more in income tax than you should be. Nova Scotia Liberals have been advocating to make this change to cut your income taxes.


The Houston Conservatives have made life harder for our most financially vulnerable by cutting two crucial home heating rebate programs, reducing the number of people eligible for rent supplements, and freezing income assistance for two years in a row. A Liberal government would reverse these decisions. 


Since 2021, we’ve been advocating for a universal school lunch program. Nova Scotia now has the highest poverty rate in all of Canada, with one-third of food bank users being children and youth under 18. Yet we see no movement from the Houston Conservatives on this important policy.  


The cost-of-living crisis has put pressure on people in every corner of our province, and we’re committed to bringing forward ideas that will help make life more affordable for you and your loved ones.  

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