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Gerard Bray Nominated as Liberal Candidate for Halifax Chebucto

Jun 7, 2024

Gerard Bray has been nominated as the Liberal candidate in Halifax Chebucto.

As a lifelong resident of Halifax Chebucto, Gerard is well-versed in the needs of the riding. With his wife Christine, he now raises his three young children in the same community he has always called home. Through his work as a teacher, Gerard has developed a strong sense of dedication to improving the lives of children and working families in Nova Scotia.

“I’m deeply honoured to be nominated as the Liberal candidate for Halifax Chebucto,” said Bray. “I have always been involved in our community, but with my children growing up in the same community I grew up in, attending the same aging schools, and experiencing the many challenges facing our province right now, I know that I need to step up to create positive change for the next generation of Nova Scotians.”

Aside from teaching and coaching school sports, Gerard is also a dedicated volunteer. In his commitment to creating a more affordable and healthier community, he facilitated the skate drive program that brought hundreds of skates to the Oval on the Halifax Commons, many of which continue to be loaned out each winter.

“As a teacher and young parent, Gerard understands the challenges that so many Nova Scotians are facing right now with the rising cost of living,” said Liberal Leader Zach Churchill. “Under the Houston government, more children are experiencing food insecurity and working families are struggling to make ends meet. I am confident that as an MLA, Gerard will be a strong advocate for his constituents and bring positive change to our province.”

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