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Statement from Lorelei Nicoll: Women's Centres Need More Funding to Support Increase in Domestic Violence

Jun 24, 2024

Liberal Status of Women critic Lorelei Nicoll made the following statement in response to the YWCA Halifax's call for increased funding:

"It is extremely concerning to learn that the YWCA Halifax, an organization that provides support to survivors of gender-based violence, is on the brink of exhausting their annual funding within the first six months of the year. Domestic violence in Nova Scotia is an epidemic, with police-reported cases surpassing the national average and an estimated four out of five cases going unreported. The scarcity of affordable housing exacerbates this crisis, leaving those fleeing domestic violence trapped in dangerous situations.

This is why organizations like the YWCA are so important – they are key to ensuring people, predominantly women, stay safe. The YWCA suggests that they need $100,000 to sustain their operations for the rest of the year and has launched a public fundraising campaign to help bridge the gap. They should not have to rely on public donations. For the provincial government, $100,000 is a modest amount of money that could save lives. As Status of Women critic, I urge the province to take immediate action by providing the YWCA with the necessary funding and ensure all organizations that support victims of domestic violence have the funding they need to continue their work across the province."

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