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Houston Fails to Bring Lunch Program Ahead of New School Year

August 31, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

Another school year is set to begin without a universal school lunch program from the

Houston government.

Nova Scotians are facing dramatic increases on groceries, power rates, and fuel without

any financial support from the Houston government. Back-to-school season can be a

costly time for families, and with added financial pressures from inflation on the rise, a

universal school lunch program is needed now more than ever.

“Investing in working families is an investment in our province’s future. By dropping the

ball on a universal school lunch program and allowing millions in childcare funding from

the federal government to sit on the table, the Houston government is not stepping up to

help working families,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “The cost of living is a top

concern for people in every corner of the province. It’s disappointing to see the Houston

government doesn’t share those same concerns.”

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