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Nova Scotia Liberal Party Now Accepting Nominations for Preston 

March 30, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

The Nova Scotia Liberal Party is pleased to announce that the Party is now accepting nominations  for the Preston Electoral District, which will be contested in an upcoming by-election this year. 

The Party has also established a Green Light Committee to act as the body that reviews applications  from those wishing to offer as a candidate for Preston under the Liberal Party banner.  

Liberal Party Leader, the Hon. Zach Churchill, said there has been strong interest from potential  candidates looking to represent the Nova Scotia Liberal Party. 

“We have already been receiving a tremendous amount of inquiries and positive feedback from  people in the Preston riding who are taking a serious look at putting forward their names to  continue the excellent Liberal Party representation in Preston”, said Churchill. “This will be an open  nomination process and we are excited to build on this momentum for both the community and the  Party”.  

The Green Light Committee is comprised of volunteers from across Nova Scotia with a strong  background in Nova Scotia politics and community: 


• Sen. Jim Cowan 

• Colin Fraser 

• Reema Fuller 

Nomination Packages for interested candidates are now available from the Nova Scotia Liberal Party  office. Those interested are asked to please email

For more information, please contact:  


Alxys Chamberlain 

Executive Director 


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