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Relief Needed for Nova Scotians Reeling From Historic Snowfall

February 8, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

Five days after a record-breaking snowstorm hit Nova Scotia, many residents in Cape Breton and the eastern mainland are waiting for financial aid to help with on-going cleanup efforts.


After Hurricane Fiona, the government announced a support package to help Nova Scotians clear their properties from fallen trees and recover from the financial stress brought on by a storm.


“The Premier hasn’t taken this storm seriously and the result has left thousands of Nova Scotians without the support they need to get by,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “We’ve heard of seniors trapped in their homes and people unable to get cancer and dialysis treatment. The very least this government can do is to treat this storm with the same urgency they did Hurricane Fiona.”


Despite a snowfall warning from Environment Canada on Friday, the Houston government waited until Sunday to make a request to the federal government for additional support.


“Had this government acted sooner, resources could have travelled here ahead of the storm to assist with cleanup efforts,” said Sydney-Membertou MLA Derek Mombourquette. “Now, seniors are stuck in their homes waiting for help to shovel them out and roads have been impeded for emergency responders and healthcare workers for days. Financial aid from this government could assist those who are still in their homes waiting to be shovelled out.”


As cleaning crews continue to dig people out of the snow, many Cape Bretoners are feeling the pinch from being unable to go to work this week and having to spend money on plows and snow removal equipment.


“In the cost-of-living crisis, every dollar counts. The government needs to step up for Nova Scotians who are facing unexpected costs just so they can try to get to work,” said Northside-Westmount MLA Fred Tilley. “A signal from this government that some financial support is on the way would provide a lot of relief to people who are struggling from this unprecedented storm.”

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