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Ambulance Offload Times, Doctor Waitlist on South Shore Rise Under Premier Houston

February 21, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

A new freedom of information request shows emergency services at the South Shore Regional Hospital have worsened in the past two years, with ambulance offload times increasing by more than 90 per cent under the Houston government.


In January 2024, ambulance offload times at the South Shore Regional Hospital were an average 119 minutes – up nearly forty minutes from the month prior.


“Since the Houston government began shutting down rural emergency departments, the additional stress on the system has made it impossible for emergency departments to provide medical care quickly,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “Instead of fixing healthcare, the Houston government has created more challenges for paramedics and dangerous situations for patients in need of emergency care.”


While ambulance offload times worsen on the South Shore, the doctor waitlist in the region has also increased by 63 per cent, leaving residents without many options to access medical care. As of February 1, more than 10,000 Nova Scotians are without access to primary care in the area.


“The doctor waitlist has ballooned under this government, creating a deeply concerning situation for Nova Scotians who deserve access to a primary care provider,” said Health and Wellness critic Kelly Regan. “The premier’s goal to double the population without ensuring the needed services are in place is a reckless ambition – especially when our healthcare system is already bursting at the seams.”

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