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Statement from Opposition Leader Zach Churchill on Mass Casualty Report

March 30, 2023 – (Halifax, NS)  

Today is a difficult day for the province. I listened to the report concerning the events of  April 2020 alongside the families of the victims. It served as a stark reminder of the  profound loss this province experienced.  

To those families, loved ones, and friends – we recognize your grief and continue to stand  with you. I am inspired by the strength and resilience you’ve shown through what you’ve  endured. 

As we approach nearly three years since this tragedy, we must continue to remember and  honour those victims.  

This report represents an important step in our province's journey to healing from this  event. Reflection, accountability, and meaningful change are all important facets in building  safe communities. 

We are stronger when we stand together. As we look beyond this report, we will continue to  monitor the implementation of these recommendations. Tragedies of this nature must be  followed up with purposeful change to prevent anything like this from happening again. 

Days like today are not easy. My thoughts are with all Nova Scotians as we grieve, support,  and move forward together.  


Media Contact 


Grace Evans 

Press Secretary


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