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Province Must Negotiate Better Deal with Nova Scotia Farm Wine Sector

Mar 19, 2024

Today, representatives and supporters from Nova Scotia's farm wine sector will visit the
legislature to demonstrate the value the industry provides to the local economy and
advocate for a better deal that doesn't punish the Nova Scotia farm wine sector.

The proposed commercial wine support program would erase decades of work to develop the Nova Scotia wine industry by subsidizing the importation of foreign grape juice, undermining Nova Scotia’s farm wineries. The policy, which only benefits two commercial bottlers in the province, would cost taxpayers up to $12 million per year.

“The government’s proposed policy is short-sighted and would undo all of the hard work to foster a competitive wine region in Nova Scotia,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “If the Premier had taken the time to thoroughly consult with the farm wine sector, he could have saved a lot of anxiety that these businesses have faced. Leaning on the expertise of the sector will help develop a strong policy that is both trade-compliant and supports Nova Scotia's farm wine sector in their growth." The local farm wine sector is the lifeblood of the rural economy, especially in the Annapolis Valley. The industry contributes $250 million to the provincial economy annually, attracts 150,000 tourists to the province each year, and provides 1,100 jobs.

“This proposed policy directly contradicts the Premier's campaign commitment to introduce the Nova Scotia Loyal program,” said Churchill. “There is so much potential here in Nova Scotia's agricultural sector. It's disappointing the Houston government continues to overlook it."

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