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Emergency Medical Responder Program Will Jeopardize Emergency Care in Nova Scotia

January 8, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

The Liberal Caucus is raising the alarm over concerns around the province’s new Emergency Medical Responder program.

The change will replace one of two paramedics traditionally on an ambulance crew with an emergency medical responder that cannot provide emergency medical care, leaving one paramedic solely responsible for the care of the patient.

“Replacing a highly trained paramedic with an ambulance driver will have serious ramifications for Nova Scotians seeking emergency care in this province,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “This announcement is another example of the Houston Conservatives chasing headlines without thinking about the impact their decision will have on Nova Scotians. We’re urging the Premier to reverse this decision.”

In addition to jeopardizing the quality of care Nova Scotians receive when they call 911, this change puts more strain on already over-burdened paramedics.

“Paramedics are already leaving the profession in record numbers under the Houston Conservatives,” said Health and Wellness Shadow Minister Kelly Regan. “Paramedics should not be forced to face unpredictable emergency situations on their own. This change will ratchet up the pressure on paramedics, ultimately leading to more of these crucial first responders leaving the system.”

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