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Flood Victims Continue to Wait for Government Support

January 5, 2024 – (Halifax, NS)  

Nearly six months after devastating floods hit the province, applicants of the Disaster Financial Assistance Program are still waiting to hear back from the government about the status of their application.


Bedford residents Claudette and David Oxford applied for the province’s financial aid before the October 31 deadline after their home was damaged by the floods. When the Oxfords didn’t hear back from the government, they were forced to use their personal savings to repair their home.


“The past few months have been very stressful as we dealt with significant damage to our family home,” said the Oxfords. “Without any communication from the government on the status of our application, we had no choice but to use our life savings to repair our home without any formal assurance that we will receive provincial funding.”


Bedford Basin MLA Kelly Regan has heard from many other constituents who are frustrated by the lack of communication from the government.


“Residents have already been through the traumatizing experience of having their homes flooded. Some fled the flood in fear of their lives. Now, nearly six months later, they remain on tenterhooks, wondering whether their government is going help them recover from this disaster,” said Regan. “The applications closed over two months ago. There is no reason Nova Scotians should still be facing this uncertainty.”

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