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Another School Year Wraps Without Houston’s Student Housing Strategy

Apr 8, 2024

Despite promising to release a student housing strategy in the spring of 2023, another school year is coming to a close without a plan from the Houston government.

Two months ago, the province announced one-year funding agreements with post- secondary institutions. The funding is tied to performance targets, including housing measures. But without a student housing strategy, post-secondary institutions are left without a roadmap to provide students the affordable housing they need near campus.

“The delay in releasing the student housing strategy is unacceptable,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “Students are struggling to find affordable housing, and the government’s inaction is only making matters worse. Every day of delay is another day that students are left without the support they need.”

One of the initiatives the Houston government has announced to support students in the housing crisis is a $1.3 million investment in Happipad. The app, which was intended to connect students with affordable housing, hasn’t been able to provide the inventory that is needed to accommodate students. As of today, only 16 rooms were available in the entire province, with none listed in Cape Breton.

“The Houston government thinks that apps are the best way to fix all of our province’s biggest challenges, but we will never solve our problems without developing and executing comprehensive plans,” said Labour and Advanced Education critic Lorelei Nicoll. “Students are feeling the pinch of our province’s housing crisis and the Houston government needs to step up to ensure they are supported in all corners of the province.”

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