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Churchill Calls on Ottawa to Halt Carbon Tax Increase

Mar 14, 2024

As Nova Scotians face unprecedented financial pressures, Opposition Leader Zach
Churchill wrote to Prime Minister Trudeau asking his government to forego another increase
to the carbon tax slated for April 1.

Across the province, people have been hit with a 14 per cent power rate increase and are facing some of the highest rental increases and inflation rates in the country. Another increase to the carbon tax will put more Nova Scotians in financial distress.

“Whether it’s a senior on a fixed income, a working-class family, or a young person trying to put down roots here, everyone is saying the same thing: it’s becoming too expensive to live in our province under the Houston government,” said Churchill. “Due to these extenuating circumstances, the next increase to the carbon tax needs to be stopped.”

Under the previous Liberal government, Nova Scotians benefitted from a cap-and-trade system, which protected pocketbooks by implementing a mere one-cent increase at the pumps. Due to Premier Houston’s unwillingness to show leadership by negotiating with Ottawa, Nova Scotians were left to pay the price – a 14-cent increase in gas and a 17-cent increase in diesel last year.

“Premier Houston would rather use the carbon tax for his own political gain instead of providing much-needed relief for Nova Scotians,” said Churchill. “The situation Nova Scotians find themselves in is a direct result of the Premier’s inaction. This next increase will only make it harder for our citizens to get to work, feed their families, and make ends meet.”

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