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Houston Conservatives Use Majority to Access Health Records

Apr 4, 2024

Hidden in the Financial Measures Act is a clause that would give the Health Minister access to Nova Scotians' medical records without their consent. Today, Liberal amendments aimed at strengthening safeguards of the proposed law were defeated by the Houston Conservatives.

The first of two amendments would only give medical records to the Minister of Health if the patient consents. The second amendment would promote consultation with medical professionals and reflects recommendations from Doctors Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons, who raised the alarm about the clause at the Law Amendments Committee last week.

“On the heels of the biggest cybersecurity breach in Nova Scotia, the Houston government hasn’t even done a risk assessment to ensure people’s medical records will be kept safe,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill.

“It’s a complete overreach for the government to assume authority over someone’s personal medical records. It’s disappointing to see this government use their majority to move forward with this law without listening to concerned patients and medical professionals across Nova Scotia.”

After the Liberals called a recorded vote to strike the clause from the bill entirely, the Houston government used their majority to move the bill closer to becoming law.

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