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Liberal Bill Would Stop Houston Government Over-Budget Spending Spree

Mar 8, 2024

After a scathing report from the Auditor General about the Houston government’s
overspending, Opposition Leader Zach Churchill will table a bill that would require any
additional appropriations to go to the legislature to make Nova Scotia in line with all other
provinces in Canada.

Throughout their mandate, the Houston government has spent a record $3.7 billion over and above of what was budgeted. The Liberals bill would allow additional spending during unforeseen events like pandemics and natural disasters, but require all other spending to be reported to the legislature for debate.

“Premier Houston consistently shows Nova Scotians that he has no regard for taxpayer dollars,” said Churchill. “The Auditor General has flagged the government’s rampant spending three times, and the government has ignored it because they are more focused on flashy headlines than doing what’s right for Nova Scotians.”

The Houston government rejected four out of five of the Auditor General’s recommendations.

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