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Unreliable, Expensive Power Will Continue With Houston’s Inaction on NS-NB Intertie

Mar 11, 2024

Over 60,000 households in Nova Scotia were in the dark this weekend after a disruption to
Nova Scotia Power’s transmission line, reinforcing the need for the Houston government to
secure funding for the Nova Scotia-New Brunswick Intertie.

Nova Scotia Power shut off electricity for customers across the province on Saturday after identifying issues with the transmission line to New Brunswick. The Liberal caucus has repeatedly called on the Houston government to begin work on another line to New Brunswick to double the current grid’s capacity. The project is expected to be complete by 2029, but the timeline is unlikely if the project does not get off the ground quickly.

“Under the Houston government, Nova Scotians are paying too much for unreliable power,” said Opposition Leader Zach Churchill. “Instead of funneling taxpayer dollars to Nova Scotia Power, this government needs to invest in the Intertie to give Nova Scotians the cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable power they deserve.”

Securing funding from the federal government is crucial to maintaining lower power rates for Nova Scotians, who have faced a 14 per cent power rate increase under the Houston government. Premier Houston announced last week that he would be foregoing a week in the legislature to attend a conference in Germany with the federal Energy Minister. Liberal Energy critic Patricia Arab says discussions on the Intertie must be a top priority for the trip.

“If the Premier wants to make this trip truly worthwhile for Nova Scotians, he should lobby the federal government for funds to get work on the Intertie started as soon as possible,” said Arab. “There is no question that further delays to this project will drive power rates up even more than the 14 per cent increase already approved under the Houston government.”

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