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EMR Program Will Jeopardize Care

The Liberal Caucus is raising the alarm over concerns around the province's new Emergency Medical Responder Program.

January 8, 2024
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Governments Must Protect Nova Scotia's Lobster Industry

Local lobster associations are reporting catches are down as much as 75 percent in Southwestern Nova Scotia - the worst the industry has seen in 25 years.

December 12, 2023
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Flood Victims Continue to Wait

Nearly six months after devastating floods hit the province, applicants of the Disaster Financial Assistance Program are still waiting to hear back from the government about the status of their application.

January 5, 2024
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Liberals call for extension to CEBA loan repayment

After several unprecedented years of pressure on Nova Scotia's small businesses, they need support from the provincial and federal governments to make it through the post-pandemic economic recovery.

December 6, 2023
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Houston Government Makes Record Profits on the Backs of Nova Scotians

At this morning's Public Accounts Committee, government officials confirmed a record-breaking 20 percent increase in revenue collected from Nova Scotians via personal income taxes this year.

December 13, 2023
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Houston's Housing Task Force Fails to Address Housing Crisis

The Houston government's Housing Task Force has not delivered the results Nova Scotians so desperately need. Since its creation in 2021, housing starts are down, while rents are growing faster than anywhere in Canada and the homeless population in HRM continues to soar.

November 29, 2023
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